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Mei Zen System — Cosmetic Acupuncture

Healing Point Acupuncture provides the MEI ZEN system, developed by Martha Lucas in 2003.

Mei Zen, means beautiful person, and this popular cosmetic acupuncture uses shallow needling techniques to help you look and feel beautiful from the inside-out! The Mei Zen System will:

  • Increase blood flow to the face to promote a healthier complexion
  • Reduces tension in the muscles of the face
  • Increases collagen and elastin production
  • Promotes exfoliation for a healthy glow

A treatment plan may also include herbs, Qigong exercises and burning the herb mugwort to stimulate Qi (pronounced chee) so you will feel better allover.

  • This is a 10 treatment protocol. Treatments are scheduled twice a week for 5 weeks.
  • Each treatment takes from 45 to 60 minutes. That’s just a 10-hour commitment to looking younger!
  • We will also talk about how you can support your good results through nutrition, skin care, stress management, etc.
  • Results last from 2 to 3 years, making this a quality investment in your younger looking, beautiful face!

$1,500.00 — includes acupuncture treatments; herbal formulas are extra. 
You’re initial consultation is FREE!

My skin significantly improved after I started my cosmetic acupuncture treatments with Natalie. If I can afford to, I would love to do one maintenance treatment per month instead of waiting to do it once every three months. My skin has been glorious and glowing with youth since I started my treatments one year ago. I don’t quite know how to describe the glow, but it feels and looks like the glow we get when we were children after some form of playful activity. All my friends tell me I look 5, 10 years younger but they can’t figure out why. They just can’t seem to put their fingers on a logical reason.

Things I have noticed are that my skin is smoother, freckles are less noticeable, glow from increased blood circulation, skin quality is much better and it is tighter and softer, just like in our youth. My favorite parts of the treatment are the acupressure and jade rolling Natalie does at the end of the session. It makes me feel very relaxed and beautiful.

I recommend the cosmetic acupuncture treatment to everyone every chance I get. It has made a huge difference in my quest for rejuvenation. It is very powerful and important to open the minds of people and bring awareness to everyone that there is a natural alternative to maintaining beauty as we age. We all want to age gracefully. Surgery, Botox and other toxic forms of treatment are not the only answer. We need to continue to empower people, especially women with knowledge so that they can make more informed choices and understand and know with certainty that our body has the ability to heal itself.

I trust Natalie completely. I am so blessed to be a recipient of such a powerful treatment from her capable healing hands. She has amazing energy and is very caring and passionate about what she does. Most importantly, she is fun to be around. I never want my treatments to end. When they do end, I start counting the days to my next treatment.”


~ Sandra Shum 
Holistic Health Counselor 
June 17, 2013

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