Why Do We Need to Detox?


Why do we need to “detox” our bodies? 
This is a good question. Our organs are designed to receive food and oxygen to absorb what we need and remove any waste. Why do we need to do anything else?

It has a lot to do with how we use our bodies and the environment we live in. The advent of electricity, industrial agriculture, synthetic materials and drugs, urban city life, and technology have changed the way we live, eat and sleep. Simply stated, our bodies were not designed to live in a modern world.

Let’s take a quick look to compare what our body is designed for and our modern lifestyle:

Our Body Design… What We Do…
We are designed for daytime activity followed by nighttime rest and sleep. We are active well into the night, due largely to the use of electricity and technology. Night shifts and long trips contribute to problems with the circadian rhythm.
We are designed to deal with one stressful situation at a time and then have time to recover quickly from it ( fight or flight response). We live with constant and prolonged, multiple stresses – due to physical, psychological and environmental challenges of modern life.
We are designed to move our bodies a LOT especially between meals. We do a lot of sitting / sedentary lifestyle.
We are designed to consume a lot of dense nutrients with very little sugar. An apple was once considered a sweet treat. We consume a lot of empty calories in the form of sugar-laden processed foods. We consume synthetic products which our body does not know how to deal with, including drugs and medications.
Our bodies were designed to live in the natural environment of a local region. We are exposed to exotic bacteria and viruses from all over the world in any given region.

Did you notice the difference in these two columns? No wonder we are experiencing diabetes, digestive disorders, heart disease, and metabolism dysfunction in record numbers. Our body can deal with small amounts of toxins, eliminating them by way of the kidney, intestine, lung and skin. When these systems are overloaded, our body stores excess toxins in our fat cells. Toxins in the cells can lead to a greater chance of DNA damage and the development of tumors.

What can you do to prevent health issues? S-L-O-W-N-E-S-S…

S-L-O-W-N-E-S-S is an acronym for what our bodies need in order to maintain good health.

S — Sleep — is when the parasympathetic nervous system is in charge and healing can happen.

L — Love — a positive attitude towards yourself and those around you keeps your emotions in balance.

O — Oxygen — is the only way to get energy (and lose weight! See previous ). Breathe deeply and slowly.

W — Water — is the basis of life, it is the basis of blood, extracellular fluids and cellular content.

N — Nutrients — provides building blocks for energy

E — Exercise — keeps metabolism up and moves blood from peripheral areas.toward the heart.

S — Savvy — make decisions based on common sense.

S — Sincerity — follow your beliefs.

Acupuncture can help with this process by stimulating the body’s elimination system and supporting normal function of all the organs. There are special detox acupuncture protocols which can help you achieve S-L-O-W-N-E-S-S.

A regimen of detox for your body is like spring cleaning for your house. Hopefully, you keep your house clean every day; washing dishes, picking up laundry, taking out the trash, etc. In addition to daily cleaning, it is good to clear our “stuff” from the closet, sorting out what to keep and what should go. The same practice will work well for your body. It is important to live a healthy lifestyle that supports our body design. Acupuncture and a detox regimen can help you with that!

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Xia Xin, L.Ac., CSMA


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