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Initial Visit

Please be prepared to stay for 1-1.5 hours on the first treatment, which includes the initial consultation, health history review, and first treatment.

Follow-up visits can be 2x’s per week or weekly, depending on the nature of your complaint and severity of the condition. After 5 visits, we will know how well the course of treatment has worked and determine the next steps from there. In some cases, the problem has been cleared up and further treatments are not necessary.

A general rule of thumb is this: For every month you suffer from a condition, it takes a week of acupuncture treatments for your body to return to normal.

Things to consider before arriving for treatment

  • Make sure to eat something light an hour or two before arriving
  • Try to avoid the intake of caffeine or pain medications
  • Wear loose fitting clothes
  • Bring a list of medications you are taking
  • Bring significant imaging reports

Patient Forms

If you are a new patient, after you schedule your first appointment either online or by phone, you will find a green button called “Manage My Appointments”.

By clicking on that button, you can fill out our patient forms online.

We look forward to seeing you on your first visit and look forward to becoming your partner in better health!


Xin Xia, L.Ac., C.SMA
Healing Point Acupuncture Clinic

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Xia Xin, L.Ac., CSMA


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