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Bursitis and Acupuncture

Bursitis is the painful inflammation of the bursa, a pad-like sac filled with fluid that cushions areas of friction in the body. Bursitis is most commonly triggered by repetitive movement, but it can also be triggered by genetic factors, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and acute chronic infection.

The most common locations for bursitis to occur:
  • shoulders
  • elbows
  • hips
  • knees
  • heels
  • toes

When inflamed, pain, tenderness and limited movement are common symptoms. The movement can become so limited, that it is often described as “frozen.” Bursitis can be severe, following overuse or an injury, or chronic with recurrent inflammation affecting the area over a long period of time.

Acupuncture is effective for treating bursitis without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids.


Acupuncture treatment for bursitis can relieve:
  • pain
  • swelling
  • tenderness

If your lifestyle is impaired by Bursitis, and you have not tried acupuncture for pain relief, you should make an appointment to discuss treatment options. Schedule your appointment today! Call 650-646-5744 or use the online appointment service:

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