Understanding How Good Posture Benefits Your Health!


Uncovering the root cause of health issues is essential for effective and lasting treatment and all too often, bad posture is a significant factor when it comes to aches and pains! Correcting postural problems can improve or mitigate many discomforts including a reduction in headaches, insomnia, back and neck pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, and other imbalances.

Here are some well-documented benefits of good posture:

P= Power and Productivity. According to social psychologist Amy Cuddy “People with high power poses have increased feelings of dominance, risk-taking, and power as well as reduced anxiety.” Sitting upright can actually reinforce self-confidence and make you feel more alert, concentrated and productive.

O= Opens up airways to allow oxygen to flow freely. Oxygen is vital for your brain function, metabolism and energy. More oxygen=better breathing=more energy!

S= Sex — Better posture can lead to better sex. Bad posture causes shallow breathing and intensifies stress, which affects our energy levels and sleep. Anxiety, depression, and stress, are among some of the psychological causes of low sex drive, especially for women, according to the Mayo Clinic.

T= Thinking ability. Studies reveal that improved posture has been linked to improved memory, attention and focus. Upright posture increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain and according to some accounts can improve memory by up to 40%.

U= Uplifting! Good posture can improve your mood making one feel more energetic, happier and positive. Keeping your shoulders back and open sends a positive message to those around you. A good way to keep your shoulders open is to turn your palms facing forward when standing or sitting.

R= Reduces Stress! Adopting an upright posture when stressed can combat depression and low self-esteem.

E=Energizes. Good posture can improve your stamina. With good posture all muscles work more efficiently and function as they are meant to.

The very first step in improving your posture is getting to know what exactly you might be doing wrong while you stand, sit or walk. Even tiny postural habits such as slouching or leaning too far forward or too far backward can cause chronic aches and pains over time.

Acupuncture can help with pain that is caused by bad posture, but for lasting relief, creating good posture habits is essential.

Small imbalances can have a big effect over time. It is good to have a postural analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses.

I offer a free digital postural analysis to record the progress of treatment from start to finish. Postural habits take time to correct, however, good posture habits can be learned and they too can be hard to break once you start feeling the benefits!






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