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Our culture is obsessed with youth and external beauty. The “age-defying” expectations to look youthful are unrelenting. Cosmetics, dermal fillers, and surgical procedures can help us look more youthful, however, they are all about external packaging and not about health and vibrancy — beauty from the inside out. What alternatives are available to those who say: “I just want to age gracefully.”What does Traditional Chinese Medicine offer those who want to look and feel youthful in a healthy way without subjecting themselves to toxic chemicals or unnatural procedures?

The state of our health has a direct impact on our appearance. Our face reveals the story of our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. Stress, diet, lifestyle, genetic inheritance, digestion, our state of rest, emotional balance, and age, all leave an imprint upon our face. Just remember the look on your face when you have returned from a restful vacation!

It’s no coincidence that many signs of good health also happen to be standards of beauty such as:
  • Coloration: Healthy face color is clear, bright, and slightly rosy
  • Eyes are clear and sparkly, whites are clear without red broken veins
  • Good color in lips, not too pale or bright
  • Upper lip is well defined without fine lines radiating from the mouth
  • Nose: a well-defined nose without bumps, lines or discoloration
  • Forehead is flat without deep wrinkles

In Chinese medicine, your face is more than the sum of your external beauty; it truly is a map of your life reflecting your vitality and even personality traits. For over 3,000 years, TCM practitioners have used facial analysis as a diagnostic method to read the state of your health so adjustments can be made to protect and prevent long-term illness.

By stimulating acupuncture points on the face, neck, around the eyes and elsewhere on the body, cosmetic acupuncture treatments address dermatological conditions on the face as well as constitutional weaknesses that affect how we look and feel. The effect is a vibrant appearance and better health!

Aging is a natural process and authentic beauty is ageless

Aging gracefully means taking care of your health by eating healthy, exercising, and protecting your skin from the elements. Cosmetic Acupuncture honors the dignity of a person’s age, accumulated stories, and wisdom. It does not seek to obliterate every sign of aging. Instead, it seeks to enhance one’s appearance through methods that improve complexion, put the sparkle back in your eyes, eliminate fine lines and tone the muscles under the skin. Acupuncture can help you look and feel better at any age; improving your appearance and your health!

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