Daylight Savings -Time to Rebalance—Again!


Living in accordance with the elements is a dynamic process as we strive to balance our bodies, mind and spirit with the changes in the seasons. I talk a lot about the importance of balance because it is at the very heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the cornerstone of good health.

Balance is also a very difficult thing to maintain!

Health is a manifestation of balance, both within the body itself and between the body and the external environment. When the body is internally balanced within the external environment, energy flows smoothly throughout.”

This is my maxim for good living.

The days have been growing shorter since the middle of the summer and in the fall, our bodies naturally attune to the gradual change in seasonal light. Daylight Savings Time is almost here, and very soon we will turn the clocks back one hour to make better use of the sunlight. This practice is a relatively modern invention, and it presents a sudden and dramatic shift in how we experience our days. For many, it means leaving for work in the dark and returning home in the dark. Going for a run after work or stopping at the tennis courts on the way home, is not as easy as it was in the summer or early fall.

We need to take care to recalibrate and rebalance our activities, our diet and our immune system. This is why I recommend a seasonal acupuncture “tune-up” to help with the sudden adjustment in the light.

Rebalancing your Qi can help:

  • Tonify the kidneys and adrenal glands to correct minor problems before they become acute or chronic fatigue.
  • Strengthen the digestive system to prevent sluggish or irritable bowel problems.
  • Reduce stress, balancing emotions to prevent impulsive eating and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Stimulate healthy circulation for the lungs and skin to help fight off wind borne viruses and flu.

Rebalancing your Qi to maintain good health when the external environment is changing is simply the practical thing to do. If your life has been on the fast track, you might want to take an hour out of your busy day to rejuvenate and restore your vitality. Acupuncture is safe and relaxing!

Get off the fast track and take some time for your health!


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Xia Xin, L.Ac., CSMA


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