Happy Chinese New Year — Year of the Wooden Green Horse!


Happy New Year! We are blessed to have a second, fresh start to the 2014 year beginning on January 30, when a new moon marks the first day, of the first month, of the Chinese calendar. This is about 6 weeks following the Winter solstice, and for the Chinese, it signifies the beginning of spring.

The Year of the Snake is giving way to the most favorite animal in the Chinese Horoscope, the Year of the Horse.

The wood element is the element of spring in the 5-element system, and wood is related to the green of trees, so it is also referred to as the Year of the Wooden Horse, or, Green Horse. The horse symbolizes traveling, competition, victory, intelligence, speed, and endurance. It is also a symbol of heat and fire, and is considered a romantic star in the Chinese Horoscope. The wood element mixes with the horse’s fire element and the combination promises for a powerful and fast paced year, filled with sudden victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance.

How the sign of the zodiac affects each individual depends on the year that one is born.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Horse year calls attention to the liver and gall bladder. The best way to take care of your liver and gall bladder is to detox; follow a diet rich in greens and whole grains, while avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods. Get plenty of exercise that offers gentle stretching. Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga are particularly good for maintaining flexibility. As always, get plenty of quality sleep, and drink plenty of fluids to ensure that you are giving your liver and gall bladder the best support possible.

I am starting the Chinese New Year with a protocol of detoxification. I’m offering a special detox package including acupuncture treatments, personalized suggestions for supplements, and suggestions for easy detox procedures. I’m also holding a “Safe Detox” workshop on February 20, to ensure that the year of the Green Wooden Horse gets off to a healthy and happy start! Won’t you join me?

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