Sharp Solutions To Your New Year’s Resolutions!


“Dear God, my prayer for 2014 is a fat bank account and a thin body. Please don’t mix these up like you did this year.”

~Author Unknown

Do you find yourself making the same New Year’s Resolutions every year? Are you one of the seven million who pledge to get fit, diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, be less stressed, drink less alcohol, and quit smoking?

Or, have you given up on resolutions altogether because you have never been able to keep them? If so you are not alone.

Each year of the 40% of Americans who make resolutions, only 8% manage to achieve those goals, and even fewer sustain those goals once met. It’s common for a person to loose ten pounds on a diet, only to regain fourteen pounds a few weeks after the diet has ended.

Acupuncture is widely recognized for effectively treating weight control and addictions. If you haven’t tried acupuncture to help manage your weight, reduce stress, cut down on cravings, and in general improve your sense of well-being, then you might want to make acupuncture a part of your New Year’s plan for success. If you are already a full week into your resolve to make meaningful changes, and are feeling the need for added support, this might be the perfect time to make an introductory acupuncture appointment.

When you make an appointment for an initial consultation, the acupuncturist will:

  • discuss your health concerns and lifestyle choices
  • perform an assessment and physical exam
  • make recommendations for a plan of treatment

The first treatment is a part of the initial consultation and generally, a patient will feel a shift in energy, as the pathways becomes unblocked. Ten sessions are generally needed to see significant improvements with weight control and addictions. Stress release is felt almost immediately, and is generally felt by all patients during the course of treatment.

If you are tired of making the same resolutions over and over again, then make an appointment for a consultation and find out how acupuncture can help you achieve your goals.

Healing Point Acupuncture is offering 50% off your first visit ~ Appointments must be scheduled before Jan. 31, Let’s get started today!

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