Acupuncture Treatments (FAQ’s)


Here are some of my most frequently asked questions about acupuncture treatments:

How long do acupuncture treatments take?

Typically, my medical patients begin with a 5-visit regimen: The first visit (usually 1.5 hours) combines the initial consultation where I assess your needs followed by the first treatment. Follow-up visits can be 2x’s per week or weekly, depending on the nature of your complaint and severity of the condition. After 5 visits, we will know how well the course of treatment has worked and determine the next steps from there. In some cases, the problem has been cleared up and further treatments are not necessary.

A general rule of thumb is this: For every month you suffer from a condition, it takes a week of acupuncture for your body to return to normal. This is why it is better to address problems when they are small, or new rather than wait for a condition to become chronic.

How long are office visits?

Individual appoint times vary from 1.5 hours for first consultation to 45 minutes for follow-up and treatment. New patients require more time for me to understand the nature and complexity of the condition.

How long are the needles left in a patient?

On average, once the needles are inserted, they remain for 20-25 minutes.

Regardless of whether it’s a first treatment or follow-up. I spend time with my patients before each treatment gathering information necessary to proceed. Sometimes during treatments, a patient will present with a new complaint and I need time to assess the changes and adjust treatment accordingly.

The goal of each course of treatment is to remove blocked energy and restore balance. There is an Old Chinese saying that states: There is no pain where energy flows, if there is pain, there is no free flow.

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