Beauty From the Inside Out


Beauty From The Inside Out:

  • The change of season is a prime time to catch a cold or flu. Boost your immune system with acupuncture and herbs.
  • Protect your skin from dryness caused by heaters. Keep water or a plant at your desk. Use moisturizer. Drink enough water.
  • Be ready for the holidays with 12 points for a pretty face. You can do it yourself or in an acupuncture clinic. Be sure your fingers and nails are clean, pressure is gentle and directed slightly up.
  • “Shampoo” massaging your scalp will bring more vitality to the eyes and hair.
  • Remember, good sleep is a “have to” for a nice look.
  • Think before putting something IN. Eating is our way to rebuild the body. Holidays are not. Keep the quality of your food up, and portions down. Even at parties you can make healthy choices.

Beauty From The Outside In:

Seasonal tips by Mary Lou Manlove at ColorInsight (650) 400-2230

  • As the seasons change, a classic coat is a must. Shop early before the temperature drops to get the color and style of your choice.
  • Protect your skin from the harsh wind and weather with a warm winter scarf. Scarves add color.
  • Choose colors to harmonize with YOUR skin, eyes or hair. These colors help you build trust just by wearing them.
  • It’s time to show off your pretty face. Red is the color of power and persuasion, so find your best red; it may even be an orange. When you wear your red, it complements your skin and encourages others to notice you in a very positive way. You will be very persuasive and might even get your way.

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